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Diagnosing Alzheimers patients early gives the best chance of slowing the progression down and improving the patient's quality of life. Unfortunately, though, there is no simple test for diagnosing Alzheimer's. To find out whether a patient has the disease, doctors perform a range of different tests and try to rule out other conditions with similar symptoms. This involves a lot of work on the part of clinicians. To reduce their workload, a team from the CMIH Hub and their colleagues have developed an automated method that can help with the diagnosis.

Read the full article at PLUS Online Magazine and the research paper here.


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The Cambridge Mathematics of Information in Healthcare Hub (CMIH) is a collaboration between mathematics, statistics, computer science and medicine, aiming to develop robust and clinically practical data analytics algorithms for healthcare decision making. Our work focusses on some of the most challenging public health problems; Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, and Dementia.




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