Thanasis Fokas

  • Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics

My research interests

  • Boundary value problems for linear and integrable nonlinear PDEs.
  • Integrability in multi dimensions
  • Inverse Problems arising in Medicine, such as those arising in PET,SPECT, MEG and EEG
  • Novel techniques in complex analysis
  • Protein Folding

People I collaborate with

I’m currently working on 1 CMIH project

The Complete Inversion Formulation For EEG and MEG

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Key Publications

Helmholtz Decomposition Of The Neuronal Current For The Ellipsoidal Head Model

P. Hashemzadeh A.S. Fokas
Published 02/11/2018

EEG for current with two dimensional support. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering

Dassios, G Fokas, A. S. Hashemzadeh, P. Leahy, R. M.
Published 01/01/2018