Cambridge Imaging and AI Clinic

The CMIH and partners host a regular Imaging and AI Clinic, offering a free, informal, walk-in consultation service for imaging related projects. You can arrive at any time during the session. The service aims to help and advise on aspects of imaging methodology, including image acquisition & analysis, via focused questions or broad queries in various imaging areas. We hope that any useful help you receive is acknowledged in your publications, and that some discussions could evolve into scientific collaboration and potential joint projects.

While we don’t require it, we encourage you to drop us a line here below about the topic you’d like to discuss, just for us to gauge if there is relevant expertise in the group and whether the relevant facilitator(s) are available:

We support and interact with as many people as possible during the drop-in session, but there is no commitment or expectation for the facilitators to be available beyond the duration of the session. That being said, do feel free to email afterwards if something is still bugging you (even if it’s possible we suggest it’s best you come again to the next clinic).

The clinic is held every 2 weeks during term time, on Wednesdays from 4:00-5:30pm, at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, Li Ka Shing Centre, CB2 0RE. The dates for Easter term are:

Wednesday 8th May
Wednesday 22nd May
Wednesday 5th June

You can also find the Imaging Clinic on